Raising Voices – an exciting new opportunity for young singers!

“Choral music is not one of life’s frills. It’s something that goes to the very heart of our humanity, our sense of community, and our souls. When you sing, you express your soul in song. And, when you get together with a group of other singers, it becomes more than the sum of the parts. All of those people are pouring out their hearts and souls in perfect harmony. It’s like a great oak that rises up from the centre of the human race and spreads its branches everywhere.” – John Rutter

The Phil is committed to providing the highest possible standard of choral singing for people of all ages. In particular, we want to provide the opportunity for choristers – especially younger ones –  to sing major choral works with orchestral accompaniment, i.e. with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Under the banner Raising Voices, The Phil has created two special opportunities for younger singers to rehearse with the Phil from September 2018 – January 2019 , and perform with the Phil and the WSO for the 2018 performance Mozart’s Requiem on November 11, 2018 and to sing at our annual holiday concert, Christmas with the Phil on Sunday, December 16. Singers are also welcome to perform with the Phil for the WSO performance of Verdi’s Requiem in March, 2019.

Grade 11 & 12 Students:

Sing and earn credit hours toward your Community Service SIP.

The Phil has a limited number of spaces available for qualified Senior High School students (Grade 11 or 12). Successful candidates will earn ½ credit (55 hours) towards their CSSIP.

Read More about the Phil Raising Voices CSSIP

MB Dept of Education CSSIP Approval form

Post-Secondary Students

Sing and earn a $500 bursary towards your post-secondary education

Thanks to the generosity of enthusiastic choral lovers, the Phil has a limited number of $500 bursaries available for qualified post-secondary students at accredited institutions including: Booth University College, Canadian Mennonite University, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Providence College, Red River College. Steinbach Bible College, Université de Saint-Boniface, University of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg.

The bursary will be awarded in three installments: $150 in October 2018, $150 in November 2018, and $200 at the December 16, 2018 concert.

Read more about the Phil Raising Voices Bursary

Auditions for both High School and post-secondary students will take place in the fall of 2018. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact

The Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir

The Phil’s Raising Voices program is supported by Gail Asper & Michael Paterson and other generous donors who are committed to ensuring that choral music thrives in our community.



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